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Evaluating and Accurately Diagnosing Neck Pain is Essential Before Proceeding with Correction Treatment or Physical Therapy

Neck pain affects many individuals and can be caused by numerous factors, such as an incorrect posture or spinal architecture problems like scoliosis, undeveloped and untrained neck or back muscles, injury of the neck vertebrae, rheumatic or chronic inflammatory diseases, neck muscle overuse during athletic training, tumors, narrowing of the spinal channel or nerve root compression, localized vertebral misalignment, among…read more →

Incorrect Posture During Desk Work or Driving Can Lead to Bothersome Neck Pain

Individuals who experience chronic, recurring neck pain frequently can’t find the root of their problem and continue to take painkillers or suffer in silence, until their family and social life or functionality at work become severely impaired. The quality of life of neck pain sufferers can degrade significantly if they don’t identify the triggers and risk factors that may lead…read more →