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Knee Pain Treatment

Are You Suffering From Frequent Knee Pain?

When I came my pain was at a level 9. After receiving my first treatment I could see a big difference. As I continued my treatments for the next few weeks I could feel that I was improving each day. I am now in my third week and my pain level is at a 2. As I continued my treatments I know that I will be pain free. Thanks to Advanced Health and its staff.

Yvette M. – New Bern, NC

Our innovative health clinic effectively treats and heals knee pain caused by:

  • Arthritic/Osteoarthritic knees
  • Torn meniscus (torn knee cartilage)
  • Athletic injury
  • Patellar tendinitis (inflammation of one or more tendons)
  • Knee bursitis (inflammation of the small sacs of fluid that cushion your knee joint)

Do you want real relief NOW?

Fortunately, our New Bern based medical center has developed an incredible new treatment that can eliminate or heal most, or perhaps all of your knee pain. This involves absolutely no surgery or drugs, and is covered under Medicare and most major insurance plans.

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It can be extremely difficult to live your life if you are currently suffering from knee pain. Usually, we pay no mind to our knees despite the fact that we depend on them to accomplish seemingly simple, everyday tasks throughout the day. Walking to the mailbox is usually a trivial chore we perform without a second thought…until sharp pain cripples your knee when you least expect it. What was once overlooked as an effortless task has become an exercise in agony and patience. Whether it’s going up the stairs, moving your leg, or driving your car to work, severe knee pain can turn everyday activities into an excruciating burden with no relief in sight.

One of the leading causes of knee pain is osteoarthritis, which currently affects more than 10 million Americans. This condition is defined as the deterioration of the cartilage and fluid that cushions and lubricates your bones at the joint. When the cartilage and fluid start to disintegrate, the bones will inevitably rub and grind against each other, causing pain and additional damage and degeneration to the affected area. Because osteoarthritis is a progressive condition that only worsens over time, advanced treatments work to slow or halt the degenerative process, in order to safely relieve most, if not all of the pain.

The most common signs and symptoms for osteoarthritis include:

  • Joint soreness or pain after strenuous physical activity
  • Unexplained joint stiffness
  • Pain as you move your knee
  • Pain when going up and down the stairs; pain as you get up after sitting
  • Pain when you exercise or move your leg
  • Worsening coordination due to pain and stiffness
  • Weakened or depleted thigh muscles

Do you know your risk for knee osteoarthritis?

Though most sufferers of osteoarthritis are usually middle-aged or older, you can still develop it at a younger age if you sustain a joint injury or inflammatory disorder. Your risk for osteoarthritis can be aggravated by the following factors:

  • Advanced age, accumulated stress to the joints from everyday living
  • Being overweight, causing increased stress on bones and joints
  • Routinely demanding physical activity, such as sports participation and physical jobs like construction or industrial manufacturing
  • Family history and genetics
  • Muscle weakness in the legs
  • Other conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, acromegaly (overactive pituitary gland) and hemochromatosis (too much iron accumulating in your bloodstream)

The path towards a healthier knee starts here.

Are you tired of having knee pain rule you life? Do you simply want to do the routine things you used to do without grimacing in agony? At Advanced Health & Rehabilitation Center, we can help you take your life back with our safe and medically proven treatments. Developed with the latest advances in medical science, you can finally experience the relief you deserve without risking your health to drugs or surgery. Just call our New Bern health center today for your free consultation at (252) 631-5353, or submit a contact request at your convenience.


My Activities Have Increased, My Attitude has Changed and I Feel Like Doing More with My Life Since I Started The Advanced Health and Rehabilitation Center Program, I Now Take Regular Walks for Exercise, And Easily Able to Do More Things Quickly Around the House.

I’ve been dealing with knee pain for almost 20 years, which I attribute to leaning on the right-side in all I did, being overweight for many years and just wear and tear. My job required me to be on my feet for most of the day, and walk back and forward all day long so by the time I arrived home my knees would be throbbing in pain. Due to this, my activity level outside of work remained extremely low. Initially, my course of treatment was various over-the-counter wraps, rubs and eventually I began receiving injections that worked for about two days, ingesting pain pills which all only provided minimal relief. As an alternative to no surgery, I always try to seek ways to get relief from the bone against bone situation I endured. As I have a heart condition, surgery was not recommended. I learned to live with the pain since it occurred daily. Truly, asking God for Devine Healing as I pray, the Advanced Health and Rehabilitation Center advertisement came on TV one day as I was extremely anxious for relief. It was there that I made a decision to try and alternative in seeking assistance. I was informed that I would be a good candidate for the program and my diagnosis revealed degeneration on my right side, hip and right knee cartilage wearing away. I was soon participating in the 8-week program, examined, diagnosed, given home items to utilize and on my way to nonsurgerical, relief and I could immediately sense the difference in the stability of my knee. As I could not remember the last time, I had no aching pain in my knee. My activity has increased since I started the program; I feel like engaging in other activities such as taking regular walks, shopping and going places and I do my housework without grudge, my attitude has changed and all in all how my life has changed, “no sign of Knee Pain”. Oh, wather may give it a kick every now and then but the majority of the time I feel great. I am very satisfied, happy and pleased. The staff is excellent; very professional and knowledgeable. The Advanced Health and Rehabilitation Center Program is remarkable and has helped the condition of my knee remarkably. I do recommend to my friends and family members.

Joyce Haywood