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Arthritis May Cause Chronic Wrist Inflammation and Carpal Tunnel Symptoms

Arthritis May Cause Chronic Wrist Inflammation and Carpal Tunnel Symptoms

Carpal tunnel signs can cause substantial discomfort and lower one’s work productivity and quality of life. Intense pain, numbness, muscular weakness, improper hand movement coordination and precision, tingling and other symptoms cause significant impairment and determine the sufferer to seek medical attention and relief through medications or possibly surgery. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a medical condition that occurs when the median nerve is compressed or pinched in its pathway through the wrist in a tunnel formed by the small bones, ligaments and muscles of the hand. However, the compression may also occur in other places where the median nerve originates or passes, such as the first spinal vertebrae or the neck muscles.

The causes of carpal tunnel also include hand structural abnormalities caused by lifestyle and work activities, such as injuries of the hand, nerve damage caused by diabetes or excessive consumption of alcohol, and usage of vibration hand tools. In fact, any potential threat or risk factor that can cause median nerve dysfunction either through compression, nerve damage or improper nerve metabolism can cause bothersome carpal tunnel symptoms. At Advanced Health & Physical Medicine in Greenville, NC, highly skilled medical personnel and experienced chiropractors put a lot of effort into identifying the exact cause of carpal tunnel symptoms and treat the root of the problem rather than simply ameliorate the signs and symptoms, as in the case of conventional pain-relief and anti-inflammatory drug treatments or surgical interventions. It is important to rule out more severe and dangerous medical conditions or bad habits that may cause carpal tunnel syndrome through nerve damage.

Advanced Health & Physical Medicine specialists pay special attention to Arthritic diseases when evaluating and diagnosing carpal tunnel syndrome in a patient, because they have the potential to cause debilitating complications and hand deformities, which lead to a worsening of pain and functional impotence.

Arthritis Induce Inflammation and Deformation of the Anatomical Structures of the Hand

Arthritic disorders, such as rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus and others, are caused by abnormal autoimmune responses that lead to prolonged inflammation of the joints, bones or ligaments, and, if left untreated, deformities and permanent disability. The rheumatic process starts with the recognition and identification of the normal structures found in joints and bones by the patient’s immune system, which initiates an abnormal immune response that culminates in inflammation and damage caused by white blood cells, antibodies and other immune elements. This is an abnormal deviation from the natural physiology of joints and bones because the immune system falsely “thinks” that the identified structures belong to a bacteria or otherwise foreign cell. Initially, the disease starts with periods of intense inflammation and functional impairment in the affected regions of the body that alternate with periods of inflammation remission, relative “calm” and acceptable functionality. However, as the disease progresses, the chronic inflammation process can cause severe alterations in joints and bones, which may become permanent and cause deformities. If such a rheumatic process occurs in the hand or the wrist of the patient, as it may happen in rheumatoid arthritis, for example, then the inflammation and structural alterations can lead to a compression of the median nerve and provoke carpal tunnel symptoms. It is very important to differentiate the symptoms from other potential causes of carpal tunnel syndrome, such as hand injury, vibration tools usage, nerve damage caused by diabetes or alcoholism, or vertebral misalignment in the neck region.

The superbly trained medical experts and chiropractors at Advanced Health & Physical Medicine are very attentive and adopt a highly detailed style of examination and diagnosis when suspecting a rheumatic disease as the cause of carpal tunnel symptoms in a patient. Besides carpal tunnel syndrome, there are more dangerous complications associated with rheumatic diseases, which is why it is essential to recognize them early and alert the appropriate medical specialists who can initiate treatment and prevent disability.

Proper Medical Treatment Combined With Non-Invasive Chiropractic Relief Ensures a Successful Outcome for Many Patients

If arthritis is the cause of structural alterations that lead to median nerve compression in the wrist or the hand, then it is important to initiate proper medical treatment, which consists in potent steroid or non-steroid anti-inflammatory medication and drugs that suppress the abnormal immune response that causes carpal tunnel syndrome complaints. A combination of drug therapy and gentle, safe maneuvers performed by highly qualified chiropractors is a great way to manage and even cure carpal tunnel in rheumatic patients. In a majority of cases, prolonged remission of the chronic inflammation can be achieved through a regimen of medications, which offers the possibility to initiate physical therapy and chiropractic maneuvers to ameliorate the compression of the median nerve and achieve substantial improvement. If rheumatic disease is successfully excluded as the cause of carpal tunnel, then safe and non-invasive chiropractic treatment can be started right away, and it may effectively improve the structural alterations that lead to a pinched median nerve and restoration of hand functionality. For other causes of carpal tunnel, chiropractic treatment performed by the highly talented chiropractors employed by Advanced Health & Physical Medicine is also very effective and highly recommended because it is not associated with any side effects or complications, as may be the cause with drugs or hand surgery.

Individuals who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms, such as hand weakness, improper hand coordination, pain, and numbness or tingling, can contact Advanced Health & Physical Medicine medical experts and schedule an appointment, which is the first step towards achieving gradual, gentle and complication-free treatment implemented by highly experienced chiropractors and medical personnel.