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Treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

It’s the blight of the home telecommuter, the office administrator, and the bane of the computer programmer — carpal tunnel syndrome. The pain associated with carpal tunnel can result in time off work and a lower quality of life. At Advanced Health & Physical Medicine we can help you overcome the pain of carpal tunnel and give you tips on…read more →

Scoliosis Treatment Success – Given, West Virgina

When Julianna was around 12 years old, her ballet teacher noticed something wasn’t quite right with the way Julianna was standing.  I had also been watching her at dance and felt something wasn’t right although I couldn’t figure out what it was.  Finally, her teacher realized she was showing signs of scoliosis. We immediately started researching scoliosis trying to figure…read more →

Scoliosis Treatment Success Story – Boone, NC

Dr. Kean and his staff were extremely courteous and attentive during our daughter’s treatment. He explained her condition thoroughly and helped us to understand how the treatment could help her condition. At the beginning of the week, our daughter’s lumbar curvature was 14 degrees and there was a 214 percent loss of curve in her neck due to forward head…read more →